Where to go

If you come to the clinic for an operation or to be admitted to hospital, you should use the admissions entrance (Calle Ballets Olaeta) and go to the information desk to say you have arrived and you will be told what to do.

Documents you should bring:

  • National identity card (Spanish DNI) or passport.
  • Admissions form signed by your doctor with the duly completed documentation.
  • If you belong to an insurance company, you must bring a slip authorising your admission and your insured party card. We recommend you contact your insurance company so they can inform you of what is covered by your policy.
  • Copy of Informed Consent Form for the operation, signed by the patient and the doctor.

An identification bracelet will be put on you by the admissions service and it must not be removed until you leave the centre. The admissions staff will accompany you to your room, where they will explain the services it has.


During your stay, you are going to be cared for by a team of professionals whose aim is to improve your health.

You will be met at your room by the nursing staff, who will explain how the unit works and everything you need to know to be comfortable during your stay.

The clinic has 157 private rooms , of which 15 are suites, distributed between floors 2 and 6. All of the rooms have a bathroom, pay-as-you-go TV, a safe and WiFi.

  • Patients who are admitted to the clinic must follow the diet recommended by their doctor. Mealtime is as follows

    • Breakfast:  9 a.m.
    • Lunch:  1 p.m.
    • Afternoon snack:  5 p.m.
    • Supper:  8 p.m.


You are usually discharged before 12 noon and it is appropriate for patients to leave the room by this time.

Your doctor will give you a (provisional or definitive) discharge report with the precise indications and medication and care that you should take after leaving the clinic. Before leaving the clinic, please go or send a relative to the Payments/Administration Department on the ground floor to finalise the administrative process. In this way, you can pay your bill if you have any extra expenses not covered by your policy.

If you decide to leave the clinic without being discharged, you must sign a voluntary discharge form. We remind you that it is important that you take your discharge report to your family doctor or bring it with you if you have to come back to the centre.